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aReW recordings presents [RW-081] Strain Carriage - Good Intentions We Are Waiting For A Train

strain carriage is an experimental ambient noise collaboration featuring ethan vilu (synths/field recordings/spoken word) and richard wilmer (guitars/synths).

ethan vilu ('the white noise organization' & 'o best beloved') and richard wilmer have been creating music together since 2009.

They have also recorded under the alias 'hadeanera' and 'richard wilmer vs the white noise organization'.

"This album is everything I hoped it would be! It combines the styles and influences from both collaborators including ambient, electronics, synths, drone, noise and spoken word. The album sounds very raw like a demo and gains character from the fact the hiss, crackles and background noises have been left in the mix giving it an almost live improvised feel.

It sometimes feels like you are at the station waiting for a train that will never turn up being one half of Strain Carriage; but once the train finally arrives and the final destination is reached you soon forget how long it took to get there" -: Richard Wilmer

Run time 40 minutes approx


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